Social Media Marketing

Grow your audience authentically. Engage with your customers genuinely and watch your social following grow.

Why Organic Social Media Marketing Matters

In the present day, it can be easily witnessed how advertisements and sales messages influence consumers in buying the latest products and services. Subsequently, they have become proficient at disregarding the brands they see as fake or ingenuine. Instead, they search for authoritative brands that they interface with on a more profound level. So publishing relevant content that engages the audience is an essential factor.

Content Calendar Development

As you build up an organic social strategy, creating and designing content publication is critical, yet it is a tedious procedure. The ProWorks Digital team can mitigate this burden with a content calendar based on excellent practices.

Community Management

Our crew will keep up your brand pages on various social media platforms. Nevertheless, from following pertinent brands to quieting negative remarks, we will help keep your social network engaged with your content.

Pinterest SEO Content Creation

Pinterest can be a powerful web-based social networking platform for specific businesses. We have a team proficient in the best strategies for Pinterest SEO content creation. In addition to that, we can assist you with utilizing this platform to expand your following on Pinterest and other channels.

LinkedIn Outreach

Regarding B2B products and services, there probably won't be a more remarkable social tool than LinkedIn. We are here to help you leverage the best strategies for outreach campaigns on your behalf.


Video content is significant across various social media channels. Our team comprehends what will work and how to gain traction on each, thereby generating high-quality videos engaging with your audience.


It creates more sense of engagement when your social content includes photos. We can help source quality and appropriate photography to use all through your social content while creating brand consistency.

Scope of Work

Phase 1: Audience Insights & Strategy

We start by dissecting your Facebook Audience Insights and Target Audience Insights to build a deeper understanding of your current strategies. These findings will help our team to come up with a foolproof plan.

Phase 2: Content Development & Publishing

Next, our social and content teams will begin creating high-quality content to use across your relevant social channels. We will manage the publishing of this content while monitoring engagement and follower metrics.

Phase 3: Audience Growth

When you publish the content that your customers want to see, this straightaway increases your follower base, who can hardly wait to see what you come out with next! In turn, it increases your reach and profitability.

What Do You Get From Our Black Box Audit

Before we move forward, we must know where we start. In this phase, our team will take inventory of all content and activity for all social channels that your brand uses.

Taking a plunge into the follower size and engagement metrics of your social channels will help us determine what we have to address most direly as we proceed.

The most successful brands do more than just post content. Instead, they connect with their audience and make conversations with them. We will glance at your activities, assessing what upgrades ought to be made.

Consistent branding is crucial in strengthening your social presence as it helps build brand recognition. We will take note of inconsistent or haphazard branding that might be harming you.

Our specialized team will take inventory of all your existing social assets, including images, video, and other branding components. We will assess which elements will be viable for the new strategy and should be eliminated.

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